Puzzle Exploration - Cry-Engine 

This level was created as a simple exploration game where the player explores an island for 5 pieces of a relic to open a door and get off the island. This level is my showcase for my work in Cry-Engine. 





Top-Down Shooter - Unreal 4

This Top-Down example is a short Diablo inspired game where the player moves across the map and explores the 5 areas and defeat enemies to exit the level. The areas in this map are The Forest, The Fields, The Crossroads, The Courtyard, and The Castle. This map is the showcase of my work with Blueprints in Unreal 4.



Albatross - Unreal 4

A Demo level for a student project called Albatross, a 1v1 battleship combat game. Each player controls a large battleship with multiple armaments. The map is created in Unreal 4 and features a large map containing mainly foliage and terrain set pieces, allowing for ship maneuvering and cover.




Battle Arena game - UDK

This 6v6 Combat area was created to be able to fit into the unreal game. It features the design features found in other Unreal multiplayer map after extensive research on the maps in unreal tornamet.